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    For dog feeding, many people say that eggs are nutritious and suitable for dogs, but many people say that some substances in eggs will cause harm to dogs, so they are absolutely not allowed to eat, and they do not know which is right or wrong. Following will show your information to answer this time.

    Can dogs eat eggs? The answer is yes, dogs can eat eggs. But for dogs, it’s best to give them boiled eggs. Although raw eggs are original, they seem to be the best natural food without additives. However, there are many microbes and bacteria in raw eggs. Although the eggs themselves will not cause harm to dogs, these microbes and bacteria will cause dogs to vomit and diarrhea.
    In addition, there are anti vitamin H substances in raw eggs, if there is no vitamin H, it will affect the normal growth of dogs, so this substance in raw eggs must be removed. The best way to remove this substance is to boil the egg, because this antibiotic protein is very sensitive to temperature, after heating, it can effectively denature its protein, reduce its activity, and let the dog get better nutrition! So when feeding the dog with raw eggs, you must pay special attention to it.

    Of course, for the sake of safety,, It’s recommended that you feed the dog cooked eggs.

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