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    Dogs have fewer sweat glands and are hard to cool down. In summer, parents are changing their ways to cool their dogs as they watch their long tongues puff. For example, turn on the air conditioner indoors, or feed the dog the mung bean soup to cool down the summer heat. Some parents will reward the dog with ice cream after playing with him. Today, let’s discuss whether the dog can eat ice cream?

    Summer is coming. For us, we can eat ice cream again. It’s very comfortable to blow the air conditioner. It can also hide from the big sun outside. It’s a good thing to not only relieve summer heat, but also cool down. When we do these things, the dog often looks at us, and we can’t bear it. Of course, we will give him some ice cream to eat. In fact, dogs can eat ice cream, but they can’t eat it often or much.
    If parents want to know that their dogs are not suitable for eating ice cream, they can do an experiment first. For example, your dog likes to drink milk or other bittern products, and it doesn’t loose or vomit. Congratulations, your dog can eat ice cream.
    If you want to give your dog ice cream, what kind of ice cream should you choose? Of course, those made of milk. Of course, you can choose ice cream made of yogurt. Because this kind of ice cream can effectively promote digestion, and it is not easy to lead to dog thinning.
    Of course, when you give your dog ice cream, you must choose a smaller size dog according to your dog’s body shape or preference. It’s not good at cold resistance, so it’s better to give it less.

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