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    Peach is a popular fruit, which is rich in vitamins and minerals. It has the effect of beauty, beauty and constipation. It’s very suitable for people with hypoglycemia, lung disease and virtual cough. Can such good fruit be given to dogs? Following will talk about whether dogs can eat peaches.

    Dogs can eat peaches. But when feeding peaches to dogs, pay attention not to let dogs swallow the peaches. The pulp is harmless to them, but the peaches are very dangerous. One is that the existence of the fruit nucleus will cause the dog’s intestinal tract to be obstructed by foreign matters. The other is that some peaches have already cracked the fruit nucleus, and the exposed peaches contain a toxic substance, namely cyanide. Speaking of cyanide, I think we all have a certain understanding. This kind of substance is a deadly poison for human beings, not to mention for dogs that are weaker than human beings. So when you give it to the dog, you must pay attention to the enucleation. In addition, although dogs can eat peach pulp, they can’t eat more, but many things are too much, too many peaches will cause diarrhea. After all, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, peach itself is a kind of food that is conducive to excretion.

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