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    Can dogs eat salt?

    Eating too much salt is not good for the dog’s kidney and fur, but it’s not advisable not to eat a little salt. Salt is necessary for dogs, but it must not be much.

    Generally, it should account for 1% of feed. If humans are short of salt and prone to fatigue, so are dogs, which are not only prone to fatigue, but also prone to growth stagnation, dry skin and hair loss. According to the NRC standard value, the requirement of salt should be more than 1% in the dry dog food with 10% water content, that is to say, the requirement of dry matter per day for 1kg weight dogs is 22G After calculation, 242mg of salt is needed, but in fact, the required amount of dry matter is usually 14-15g, so the actual amount of salt is about 165mg per 1kg body weight / day. According to this method, 35kg wolf dogs only need 6G / day of salt, and the salt matching rate of the general dry dog food sold in the market is analyzed, about 1.4% should be enough. If salt deficiency related symptoms are still found, it is advisable to increase it slightly in their diet, but not more than 2%, that is to say, the adult dog food is limited to 8g / day. Note: if you usually feed dogs dog food, because the manufacturer has added salt to the dog food, you don’t need to add salt to the dog food.

    Can dogs eat salt? Do not exceed 1% of total food

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