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    Can dogs eat sweet food? Although sweet food is delicious and dogs like to eat it, eating sweet food has many disadvantages but no advantages for dogs. Remember: dogs can’t eat too much candy! Because the dog’s digestive system can’t secrete and decompose disaccharide (such as sucrose), it can’t decompose and absorb sucrose; once the dog eats a large amount of sucrose or fructose, a hypertonic environment will be formed in the digestive tract, making a large number of body fluids enter the intestinal cavity, resulting in diarrhea. At the same time, in addition to sweets, other sweets are also given less to dogs. There are also the following disadvantages for dogs to eat sweets frequently:
    1. First, the proportion of sugar and fat in sweets is high, which can make the energy consumed by dogs out of proportion with other nutrients even if they don’t eat much;
    2. The energy consumed by dogs is high, which can’t be consumed and turned into fat, which causes obesity in dogs;
    3. Soft sweets are not conducive to exercise dogs’ teeth, which is sweet Food debris is also a good medium for bacteria, which is more likely to promote the growth of bacteria, leading to dental plaque, tooth decay and other dental diseases in dogs;
    4. Dogs who often eat sweet food are prone to gastrointestinal and oral diseases. In addition, eating ice cream and other super cold or greasy sweets will also cause vomiting or diarrhea in dogs, causing enteritis. For the above reasons, we usually don’t give the dog regular sweets.

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