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    Sweets, known as happiness factors, can stimulate nerves and make people feel happy. Many people like to eat sweets. When they are in a good mood, they can feed the dog by the way. So can dogs eat sweets? What happens to dogs when they eat sweets?

    The harm of sweets to dogs. Dog parents must know that if we eat too much sweets, we will have caries, obesity, and even diabetes. In the end, too much sweet food will make the dog’s teeth bad. Moreover, the sweet food is very sticky, which contains some debris, especially easy to breed bacteria. Once these bacteria play a role in the dog’s mouth, they can reproduce in the teeth, which can cause more and more bacteria in the dog’s body, and it is easy to suffer from many diseases for a long time.
    Can dog eat cream cake? For dogs, the taste of cream cake is very good. But, really can’t eat. Not only puppies can’t eat cakes, but adult dogs can’t either. Because the cream in the cake is hard for the dog to digest. With cakes, dogs are prone to gut problems. The most common is diarrhea. And there are many cakes with chocolate on them, and everyone knows that chocolate can’t be given to dogs. So for these reasons, it’s better not to let the dog see the cake or use it as a snack.
    A little advice. If parents and friends want to add some snacks to their dogs, they must prepare some reasonable ones that are good for the dog’s physical development, such as cooked chicken breast meat, salmon meat, South melon and beef, etc.

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