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    Can dogs eat traditional Chinese rice-pudding?
    The main raw material of Chinese rice-pudding is glutinous rice, which is oily and sticky. It is easy for dogs to suffer from indigestion due to overeating, and there will be symptoms such as increased gastric acid secretion, decreased appetite, abdominal distention, diarrhea, etc. Therefore, it is not allowed to feed too much Chinese rice-pudding to dogs. Then how to eat in the end will let the dog also taste the delicious dumplings, and not indigestion.
    1. The meat dumplings or other dumplings sold in the market will generally add ingredients (liquor, soy sauce and other spices) or take too much sodium salt, which is not suitable for the dog’s body. It will lead to laxity, vomiting, anemia, poisoning and other phenomena. If you want your dog to have a good meal, you’d better not buy the dumplings sold in the market. You can make glutinous rice and rice mixed with thin beef, chicken, mutton and other stuffing dumplings for your dog to eat. A small amount of them can be tasted and eaten.
    2. Before feeding, it can be divided into small portions, and then fed to dogs. It can mechanically cut food to help dogs digest.
    3. For dogs who always wolf down their meals, it’s better not to feed their zongzi. Because the number of times of chewing in the mouth is small, it will increase the burden on the stomach, and the incidence of dyspepsia will be greatly increased. In fact, scientific breeding has always advocated not to eat human food for dogs, and the owner who will make his own dog’s nutritious meal according to his dog’s nutritional needs. However, blindly eating too much human food for dogs will always cause the dog’s physical burden, resulting in the dog’s discomfort. Conclusion: for the safety of dogs, it’s better not to give Chinese rice-pudding to your dogs!

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