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    Dogs are loyal friends of human beings. Such information has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. It seems that “loyalty” is basically the label we put on dogs. It can be said that no dog is not loyal to its owner and does not protect him. We often tell us how loyal our dogs are to their owners in some movies or real life stories. For example, the cruel owner abandoned the dog for thousands of miles. As a result, the dog returned home after many hardships, and the owner abandoned it again, so he knew that his abandoned dog was so depressed and died. What’s more, the owner’s family didn’t take the dog away. As a result, the dog has been waiting for many years in the old house. Or the death of the owner, the dog has been guarding the owner’s tomb, these stories can be said to earn our tears.

    In fact, there are basically two reasons why dogs are loyal to their owners. One is that they regard their owners as their mothers. The second is their obedience to leaders. They regard you as their leaders. It’s important to know that different dogs have different personalities, so whether to protect the owner or not depends on the dog’s own personality. And dogs are social animals. They need to be social. Especially in the dog’s eyes, its attitude towards its owner depends on the owner’s attitude towards feeding it. If the owner dotes on it very much, it can let it vent to itself at will, then the dog is riding on the owner’s head, and everything will happen. Including its attitude towards the host, whether it regards the host as its leader or as a playmate, it depends on the dog parent’s attitude towards it.

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