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    After a long time of raising dogs, they will think that dogs can understand people’s words, and some owners will think that their dogs can understand different languages or accents, and do not rely on gestures to express, what is the reason? Is the dog really able to understand the owner’s words or just by chance?

    Scientists have found that dogs seem to communicate with humans through their eyes and find out what you’re talking about. In fact, dogs can think through your eyes, just like children aged 2 to 3 can learn from your eyes. Dog thinking is equivalent to 2-year-old children, dogs are very intelligent animals, they have communication skills with human beings, the way of thinking is equivalent to a 6-month-old to 2-year-old children, or even older. Scientists now believe that dogs use human eyes to analyze the spoken commands and complete their work. It also means that dogs or human babies can communicate with adults through eyes.

    Dogs can analyze the content of human speech through different eyelid contact times and different levels and tones. Dogs can judge whether to praise or criticize them from their tone and expression, so when training dogs, the tone of praise and criticism should be clearly different, not ambiguous. When a dog is doing well, he should use praise and encouragement. His voice should be gentle and enthusiastic. The dog has a strong ability of learning and adaptability. A dog just brought home will soon know his name, the location of his rice basin, and your owner.

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