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    In summer, the temperature is hot, some dogs’ hair is too thick, some pet owners worry that dogs will suffer from heat stroke, so they choose to shave their dogs, but can shaving dogs really avoid heat stroke?
    The answer to this question is: No. This is because there are no sweat glands in dogs, which are basically distributed on the paws, tongue and nose. So cutting or shaving their hair will not help them, and the dog will not feel cool. On the contrary, shaving the dog’s hair will let the sun directly shine on their skin, and even cause skin burns in serious cases. Therefore, in summer, it’s OK to thin the dog’s hair properly, but it’s better not to shave it.

    In addition, in the summer, we should also pay attention to the dog to do heatstroke prevention measures.
    1. Make sure the dog has enough drinking water in summer. In addition, drinking water should be changed frequently to ensure cleanliness and sanitation.
    2. The dog can blow the air conditioner to cool down properly, but the time should not be too long. In addition, it should be noted that the dog just after outdoor sports can not enter the air conditioner room immediately, or the cold will occur.
    3. The time to go out for a walk should be in the early morning and evening when the temperature is low. When you go out, you should also remember to bring drinking water, so that the dog can drink it at any time.
    4. Try to avoid exposing the dog to the sun under the hot sun. When going out for a walk, you also need to choose a cool place with air circulation.
    5. Don’t leave the dog alone in the car or other places with poor air circulation and closed environment, or the dog will probably die of suffocation.
    6. If you take your dog out in summer, you can choose to go to places with water. Dogs who like swimming can have fun and avoid heatstroke.

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