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    Dogs are always advised not to sleep with dogs when they are sleeping. It’s not sanitary to let dogs go to bed, and there will be parasites, bacteria, etc. but no one can say why. What kind of insects and bacteria can’t be prevented and transmitted to people? As for sleeping in the same bed with dogs, the main debate is whether sleeping with dogs will reduce their obedience and their status. The conclusion of medical research is that sleeping with dogs does not find any harm. For example, E.coli, an infectious disease shared by people and dogs, has been proved by experts. Although it can spread between people and dogs, E.coli has no effect on people and dogs.

    However, E.coli will mutate to produce some antibiotic resistant E.coli, which is easy to produce in human body, and then spread to dogs. In fact, the main reason why a dog can’t get into the bed is the owner. If your dog rolls in the mud every day and is exposed to the wind and the sun every day, I think it’s OK. Because it’s easy to be infected by skin diseases, it’s necessary to keep the dog in the same bed with people. It’s necessary to ensure that the dog is dry and clean. It’s also necessary to take a bath, expel insects and vaccinate regularly, which is good for the dog Kang’s guarantee.

    Each person has different ways of rearing and different measures of health and epidemic prevention, so the same behavior leads to different results. For example, timely vaccination for dogs, insecticidal in vivo and in vitro, etc., to try to keep dogs healthy, which also ensures our own health.

    There are also parents who object to dogs sleeping with people on the grounds that they respect their independence. Let the dogs have their own space, without artificial. Parents think it’s forced to make it clean and fragrant, but dogs often don’t like that, so they can let dogs have their own independent space and not stick to people. In this way, we also respect the “dog rights”!

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