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    Now the dog’s living standard has gradually kept up with human beings, not only eating hot and spicy, but also going to the beauty shop to do a regular shape maintenance. There are many pet shops in order to retain customers, advocate spraying some perfume to dogs and then go out. Can a dog spray perfume?

    Some parents believe that it is best not to spray perfume on dogs because perfume contains much chemicals and alcohol, which is bad for the health of dogs. In addition, the dog’s sense of smell is very keen. If it sprays some strong perfume on its body, it may affect its sense of smell and stimulate its smell. If you want to keep the scent on your dog. If you don’t want to use perfume, you can clean it in time. You can choose some pet shampoos that are suitable and smell strong.

    Also believes that with the progress of society, people have special perfume. In fact, dogs also have special perfume. In life, you can also buy some special perfume for pet dogs. It is also possible to spray some dogs properly. There is also a kind of pet essential oil, which can last for several days when applied on the dog’s hair, and can also protect the hair.

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