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    Parents love their golden retriever very much. They want to share some delicious food with them. Can we give golden retriever the cake we like?

    In general, Golden Retriever can eat cake. Pay attention to the ingredients of the cake. We all know that golden retriever can’t eat chocolate, because the caffeine in chocolate is fatal to golden retriever, although it may be true that Golden Retriever will suffer from fatal symptoms in large quantity, But why do we need to know that it’s not good to do it? Simply don’t give Golden Retriever a little chocolate. And if there are grapes in the cake and other fruits that we said are not suitable for golden retriever, don’t give them to golden retriever. Originally, I wanted to satisfy the Golden Retriever’s appetite.

    2. Some golden retrievers are not suitable for eating sweets such as cakes. Golden Retrievers with diabetes mellitus or fat golden retrievers, and they are also not suitable for eating cakes and sweets. We can’t let golden retrievers eat things that are not good for our health because we patronize our mouths to satisfy our appetites.

    3. Pay attention to “quantity” when eating cake for golden retriever. Just like people should control the quantity when eating sweets, for golden retriever, it is also necessary to control the quantity when eating cakes and other sweets, especially for golden retriever who loves to eat cakes, it must not be allowed to eat at will. Too much sugar and fat can also make golden retrievers fat. So if you apply the theory of why people can’t eat sweets to golden retriever, it’s OK.

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