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    Generally speaking, you can feed husky bones, but you must pay attention not to feed husky chicken bones and cartilage, because these two kinds of bones are very easy to nip or cut Husky’s throat, causing Husky’s bleeding or even death.

    1. Husky can eat beef bone or pig bone. Husky prefers to eat bone, but if you need to feed bone to supplement calcium, it’s better to eat beef bone or pig bone. These two kinds of bones are relatively thick and not easy to scratch Husky’s esophagus and mouth, which is relatively safe. Chicken bone is not suitable. Chicken bone is crispy, and it is easy to become small pieces after being bitten. The tip of the small pieces is very sharp, so xiaoha is easy to scratch his stomach and intestines after swallowing. Fish bones are as dangerous as chicken bones, so xiaoha should not be allowed to eat them. But canned fish has no problem because the bones are crispy.

    2. Husky should pay attention to 3 points when eating bones.
    Do not feed Husky Puppies easily broken bones, such as chicken bones and duck bones. The fragments of bones may pierce xiaoha’s throat, or scratch his mouth, esophagus and gastrointestinal tract.
    If you have to feed, you’d better use a pressure cooker to boil the bones. It’s a good idea to give husky a big bone occasionally, such as the calf bone, which can help to remove tartar, but if you eat more, it will cause constipation, which should be properly controlled.
    Never feed the bones or cartilage of your Husky roots (such as the ribs of a pig or the bones of a chicken) because they may break and get stuck in your mouth or throat. Finally, add that if some dog owners think husky can grind his teeth when eating bones, the safest and most beneficial thing is special dog biting glue. Don’t use bone sticks to let dogs practice.

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