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    Many people hear that husky can’t eat salt well, so they don’t put any salt when making dog food for their husky, for fear that husky will hurt their stomach and kidneys. In fact, this is wrong. Husky still needs a certain amount of salt. As we all know, people are prone to physical fatigue if they lack salt. In fact, Husky is also the same. Salt deficiency is not only easy to fatigue, but also causes Husky’s growth and development stagnation, matted coat, depilation, dry skin and other symptoms. According to the standard value analysis guidance of NRC (American feed nutrition standard), the salt content of dog food sold in the market is generally about 1.3-1.4%. The long-term salty food to husky dogs will stimulate the stomach and kidney, but if the salt in the food to dogs is insufficient, it will also cause their physical strength to decline. Salt contains a small amount of magnesium and calcium, which are indispensable for dogs to survive. Husky can’t live without salt.
    So, how much salt is appropriate for husky dogs? Generally speaking, for dogs weighing 1 kg, the daily intake of salt should be 0.4-0.7 mg. If the daily requirement of dog food is about 20g, a 20kg husky needs to eat 400g of dry food every day. After conversion, the salt requirement is about 5.6g. It can be seen from this that we add about 1.4% salt to Husky’s homemade meals. If you feel that xiaoha is still short of salt, you can add salt to its drinking water at intervals every week.

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