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    Many foods for Husky Puppies contain liver. It’s no harm to eat a small amount of liver, but it’s not good to eat too much, because there is high unit of vitamin A in the liver, too much intake may cause vitamin A poisoning or excessive vitamin a disease.

    1. Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter if you eat a small amount of liver of some animals. If you often feed a large amount of raw liver, your Husky may cause vitamin A poisoning, especially when your Husky food already contains enough vitamin A. The standard dose: about 3 chicken livers a week. Too much can cause husky bone problems. It’s too late not to wait for husky dogs to suddenly paralyze. 2. It’s not good for husky to eat raw eggs. It’s better to cook the eggs when feeding husky. Because the protein of ovalbumin in the living protein is an important element to maintain husky muscle strength and shiny fur vitamin H. Ovalbumin is an enzyme that can digest vitamin H, so it can’t be absorbed by Husky’s body. The possible symptoms of vitamin H deficiency are dermatitis, hair loss and growth retardation. At the same time, raw eggs usually contain bacteria, which is not good for Husky’s health. So to sum up, liver or eggs are not recommended for Husky’s long-term use.

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