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    Pear has a very high edible value. It contains many kinds of carbohydrates and vitamins, and has a good effect on the treatment of cough. It can be said that there are many benefits. Can such a good fruit be given to dogs? Following will talk about whether you can give your dog pears.

    The first answer is that dogs can eat pears, because pears are also very nutritious for dogs. There is no problem to use them a little bit. Besides, the sugar and vitamin life contained in pears are not too high, so the nutrition can reach a balance. It doesn’t cause diarrhea or vomiting.
    When the weather is hot, you can add some fruit or yogurt to your dog’s stomach to adjust it. Of course, some fruits can also provide dogs with rich vitamins, at the same time, they can also bring some fun to their lives.
    There are a lot of edible fruits, but you must not give your dog some fruits that contain too much sugar. Too high sugar, easy to cause obesity to dogs. Pear is a fruit with a high sugar content, so it should not be given to dogs.
    Some parents never shave the shell and seeds when they feed the dog fruit. And because the shell or seed of pear fruit contains a kind of cyanide, once the dog eats it, his body will be hurt to a large extent, prone to vomiting and diarrhea, and the lower abdomen will also have colic. When the dog has these symptoms, the parents will certainly blame themselves. In this case, they must take the dog to the hospital in time and cannot wait for the dog to heal itself. So, it’s OK to eat as few pears as possible, but we need to separate the flesh and seeds.

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