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    Sweet sugar is the love of many people, eating in the mouth, sweet in the heart. But can you feed Labrador with sugar? It is pointed out that Labrador’s digestive system is very different from that of human beings, and Labrador can’t be fed too much sugar!

    The digestive system of Labrador dogs can’t secrete and decompose disaccharide (such as sucrose), so it can’t decompose and absorb sucrose; once eating a large amount of sucrose or fructose, a hypertonic environment will be formed in the digestive tract, making a large number of body fluids enter the intestinal cavity, leading to diarrhea. Once diarrhea occurs, the body dehydrates quickly and the resistance decreases. The intestinal flora, pathogenic bacteria and viruses often enter into the body at this time and propagate rapidly, which leads to gastroenteritis. At this time, many bacteria and viruses that lead to canine infectious diseases are also prone to rampant, resulting in the occurrence of canine infectious diseases.

    Therefore, it’s not surprising that small mistakes lead to big problems! In addition, because the digestive system of dogs is also very low for lactose digestion, if the milk used is too much and too thick, it is also easy to cause diarrhea and infectious diseases. Therefore, we must pay attention to these details in the breeding of dogs, and do not let our “love” become a harm to dogs.

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