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    There are many disadvantages for dogs to eat leftovers for a long time:
    1. One of the reasons why dogs can’t eat leftovers is that a large amount of grease in leftovers will block the blood vessels of dogs – don’t underestimate the digestion ability of dogs, but it is also the powerful digestion ability that makes dogs absorb unnecessary grease, making their small blood vessels unbearable.
    2. When the salt content is too high, the salt content in the leftovers is often too high, while the demand of dogs for salt is relatively low (1 / 5 of that of people), and the food should be relatively light. If you take too much salt, it will have adverse effects on the dog’s health, prone to drink, diarrhea, hair loss and nephritis and other diseases. And the high salt leftovers, long-term feeding dogs will cause itching and hair loss, which is even more troublesome.
    3. Easy to spoil dogs will not chew slowly when eating, especially a hungry dog, if the food spoils will not hesitate to eat up. It is easy to cause this problem by eating leftovers for dogs overnight. Especially in summer, food is easy to deteriorate. If dogs eat spoiled food, they will have gastroenteritis, or even die of food poisoning.
    4. Eating leftover food is not good for the dog’s teeth. Hard dog food is good for the dog’s teeth, but leftover food is very soft. It is impossible for the dog to rub the tooth surface in the process of eating. Moreover, a large amount of food residue will remain on the dog’s tooth surface, forming calculus, which is dangerous for the dog’s teeth.
    5. In addition, many condiments in human food are harmful to the dog’s body, such as mustard, pepper, pepper and other spicy condiments will stimulate the dog’s gastrointestinal tract, resulting in the dog’s loss of appetite. Especially the onions in human food can be extremely poisonous to dogs! So, in general, if you love dogs, don’t only give them leftovers and leftovers for a long time. The healthiest food for dogs is dog food, especially dog dry food. There are different kinds of dog food for different situations. It’s not only nutritious, but also good for teeth. It’s better to give your dog with dog food.

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