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    Many new pet owners may not know a lot about the purchase of some pet products, so it is inevitable that there will be some wrong things to buy, some of which are wrong dog food. Is it impossible for adult and puppies to eat each other’s food? Can puppies eat adult dog food? What are the differences between the two kinds of dog food?

    To be exact, both puppy and adult dog food are professional dog food, and there will be no problem in feeding pet dogs. But we know that puppies and adult dogs need different nutrition. Usually puppies need more nutrition for better growth. Therefore, in order to meet the nutritional requirements, it is better for puppies to eat puppies’ food. For young dogs, the gastrointestinal function is not perfect, and the body is in a critical period of growth and development, which requires a lot of nutrition and energy, and needs to eat more easily digested and absorbed food.

    To this point, adult dog food obviously can not meet the needs of puppies. Not to mention the nutrition ratio of adult dog food, we all know that the hardness of adult dog food is much greater than that of puppy dog food, which makes it difficult for puppies to digest and absorb, and easily leads to gastrointestinal dyspepsia.

    Generally speaking, puppies should be able to eat adult dog food, but it is not suitable for nutrition and taste, so it is better to eat dog food according to their own needs, so as to better meet some requirements.

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