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    In a word, many parents must think it’s a bit of a drag when they see this title, but they can think about it carefully. In human traditional Chinese medicine, there are also many cases diagnosed through the tongue. Although we are not as professional as traditional Chinese medicine, we can also make a reference. But these are not complete. What are the tongues of a Chai dog? Can dogs be judged to be healthy according to the color of their tongues?

    The tongue of a Shiba Inu has several colors, including flower tongue, pink tongue and black purple tongue. In dogs, only the tongues of the Colossus are blue and purple. Generally speaking, the tongues of the Shiba Inu are pink. If there is a little color spot or other colors, it may be that the breed is not very pure. The color of Shiba Inu’s hair is mainly brown yellow, yellow brown brown, with black, white or yellow background, etc. the hair is thick and short double layer hair, very dense. The appearance is medium-sized, the ears of the triangle on the top of the head stand straight forward, the eyes are slightly elliptical, the muzzle is conical, the back is flat and short, the tail is thick and sickle shaped, when you stand and look far, you will feel very alert and smart.

    In addition, if the tongue color of the Shiba Inu is white, it is likely that anemia occurs. Generally speaking, the dog’s tongue will not appear white, but if the white is particularly serious, it should be that the anemia is already serious, so this situation is created. Of course, there may be some diseases in blood generation, such as heart There are problems with the viscera, and the lack of blood supply will also cause this phenomenon.

    So, if the dog’s tongue is abnormal and the parents can’t make up their mind, they can take the dog to the pet hospital for a walk, check whether there is a problem under the diagnosis, and if there is a problem, it’s better to treat it as soon as possible.

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