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    Everyone can’t guarantee that the care for the dog is completely correct, so it’s normal for the dog to have some discomfort occasionally. But we should pay attention to the correct care for them, otherwise the dog’s condition may become more serious due to the wrong care method. Following will introduce to you.

    1. Vomiting: if there is no abnormal phenomenon before and after vomiting, especially when the Shiba Inu goes to eat vomitus after vomiting, it doesn’t matter. If you vomit several times a day, you want to drink water after vomiting, but the water you drink is vomited again. It’s very serious if it’s repeated. Note that as long as the amount of water that can moisten the mouth can be given, there are many owners who do not know the situation and try to give water to make the symptoms worse.

    2. Diarrhea: if the diarrhea is not serious and the appetite is poor, try to give the food it likes, and never give the food that is not easy to digest. If the number of diarrhea in a day is a lot, it is better not to give food all day, so the disease can be easily alleviated. After fasting, a small amount of liquid food, such as porridge and soup, will be fed in fractions, and then gradually filtered from porridge to soft dog food, and then filtered to common food.

    3. Nose water and eye droppings: some diseases may have nose water, especially cold, at this time, wipe with absorbent cotton or cotton stick. Wipe clean, in order to avoid dry nose cracks, you can apply olive oil. When there is eye excrement, you can use 2% boric acid water to dip cotton to wipe it, and then point on the non irritant eye drops.

    4. When coughing: coughing is a defensive reaction action to remove secretions or foreign matters from the trachea. Dry cough is for those without phlegm, and wet cough is for those with phlegm. Most coughs occur when eating, exercising or barking. It is easy to cough when suffering from various respiratory diseases and heart diseases. When the cough is too intense, it will spit out phlegm and food in the stomach. The care for the cough is to make the Chai dog quiet and no longer exercise.

    5. Skin disease: Chai dog is easy to be infected with bacteria and suffer from skin disease, especially in summer. In addition, its scratching will worsen the condition, and the external medicine used will be licked by the Chai dog and cause poisoning. So, we should pay attention to stop the dog licking the medicine. At this time, you can help him wear Elizabethan ring to prevent him from biting the itchy part. We should treat all kinds of symptoms of dogs correctly, do not blindly deal with them, find the right way, or seek the help of doctors, so as to avoid the dog’s worse situation due to nursing mistakes.

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