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    When you go home from work, you will reach out to touch Labrador when you see him at the door. You will even hold Labrador and play with your relatives. Lower your head and lean forward to smell Labrador’s halitosis. Can you kiss her? It’s very common for Labrador to have halitosis. What’s the cause of the halitosis? How can we solve it?

    Halitosis is the number one killer of Labrador body odor and one of the reasons for estrangement between and Labrador its owner. Labrador’s halitosis is usually caused by the lack of timely cleaning of the mouth, which leads to the accumulation of a large number of food residues in the dog’s mouth, breeding bacteria and producing halitosis. Medical research has found that bacteria are very easy to survive and reproduce in a warm and moist mouth, and they will release substances containing sulfur, which is the source of halitosis.

    Labrador is a kind of omnivorous dog. They are all meat and vegetarians. After eating, the residue of food is easy to remain in the gap of teeth. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will rot, breed bacteria and give off a bad smell. Note that Labrador’s halitosis will also live in and cause serious oral diseases, such as periodontitis, gingivitis, gastrointestinal diseases and so on. Its impact and harm are very serious.

    The most fundamental way to eliminate Labrador’s halitosis is to brush your teeth. In serious cases, you should go to a pet hospital to wash your teeth and remove calculus. Labrador dogs need to brush their teeth every week. At the same time, they should try to avoid feeding some sticky food in the process of diet. They can choose some simple food such as dog food, dog biscuit, chewing gum and so on. These foods are easy to stick to teeth, and have a certain effect of cleaning teeth, which can well avoid the leftover of food residues and reduce the probability of producing halitosis.

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