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    It is normal that dog has dandruff, because it is caused by metabolism. However, under normal circumstances, the amount of dandruff will not be particularly large. If a lot of dandruff suddenly appears on the dog, the owner should pay more attention. So what should dogs do if they have dandruff? Following will introduce the cause and treatment of dandruff.

    Under normal metabolism, epidermal cells will grow, age, die and fall off. But dogs have more hair than people, which is more likely to happen. In addition, infection with parasites, allergies, or skin inflammation can also cause more dandruff.
    1. Take a good bath for your dog, you can get rid of the old dandruff on your skin. It’s not necessary to take a bath too actively. It’s basically done every 7-15 days in summer and once a month in winter. Too frequent bathing may damage the oily protective layer on the dog’s hair.

    2. If the dog lives in a dry environment, which may cause a lot of dandruff, you may as well buy some oily hair spray from the pet goods store. After spraying on the hair, it can effectively avoid excessive evaporation of water on the dog’s hair.

    3. Combing the dog’s hair regularly can brush off the old and dead dandruff accumulated at ordinary times, and help the dog distribute the natural oil secreted by the skin evenly on every inch of the skin. As long as the dog combs regularly, many problems of dandruff dropping can be solved naturally.

    4. Some poor quality feed can not meet the dog’s nutritional needs, which will lead to poor hair health. Many dogs will recover their dandruff naturally after they use another professional feed. This shows that there are many reasons for dog dandruff, but as long as we clean them regularly, this situation will be much better.

    Pay more attention to the dog’s diet to ensure the balance of nutrition. If the dog is found to have skin diseases, it should be treated as soon as possible.

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