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    There are more than one reasons for the coarseness of the dog’s hair. If the owner wants his own baby to have a shiny and beautiful hair, it is very important to take care of and raise the dog at ordinary times. Rough hair can also reflect the health of the dog to a certain extent, so the owner can not ignore.

    1. Insufficient light causes. If the dog is often expected to be indoors, the hair of the dog will become worse if the dog is not exposed to sunlight. The dog is mainly fed with sun bath, more absorption of ultraviolet rays, and regular exercise to have healthy hair.

    2. Frequent bathing causes dogs to bathe too often, and their hair will be easily split, broken and damaged. It is better to bathe dogs once a week.

    3. If the environment is dirty and disordered, for example, the dog’s Kennel or cage environment is dirty and disordered, and the dog is not cleaned regularly, it will be easy for the dog to catch parasites, thus causing skin diseases and poor hair quality.

    4. A single diet can cause the dog to be short of vitamins and trace elements. It is suggested that the food for the pet should be changed frequently to supplement the nutrition needed.

    5. Poor fat circulation. Fat dogs have poor hair quality and poor blood circulation due to fat accumulation. The owners should take more dogs to walk outside each other to prevent the dogs from being overweight.

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