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    Mini Doberman can be said to be a man, a little ghost, born with intelligence. Although he is petite, he has a strong sense of self-esteem. If he is too strict with it, it may cause its “unhappiness”. He doesn’t like barking, but he is very alert and has a strong desire to protect his territory.

    The mini Doberman is neurotic, so it has a strong attack on strangers or dogs who invade its territory. When it is raised with other breeds of dogs, it may often have fights, which may cause some serious injuries. Smart it can quickly master the training of it, and has a strong ability to accept. Dexterous movement, less hair loss. Strong physical strength and endurance.

    It’s not easy for strangers to catch him. The general size of the space can make this little guy get enough movement, and the agile skill will not be so easy for you to step on him. It is a very good family dog.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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