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    Akita is a famous Japanese dog. Many friends may not understand the character of this kind of dog. Let’s get to know Akita dog!

    Akita dog originated from Akita County, Japan, has a strong sharp mouth, and has always been a fire standby dog in Japan. He is calm, gentle, sensitive, strong, brave, easy to train, affectionate and loyal to his master. Akita dogs are good at finding prey shot down by hunters in the snow or water and retrieving it.

    When feeding Japanese Akita dogs, we should pay attention to the character of Japanese Akita dogs. Because this dog is a medium-sized dog, it must be trained from the young dog to the adult dog. If you train well from a young dog, you don’t have to tie it up with a thick rope when you grow up. Although it has a strong nursing ability, but also has a strong desire to dominate, Akita dog character is good. In fact, Akita is very cute, especially its loyalty is more appreciated.

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