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    Careful owners will find that there are many colors of dog’s eyes, but most of them can not be separated from black, dark brown, hazel, brown, amber and other colors, and the darker the better is a rule, in fact, dog’s eye color also has a lot of knowledge.

    Light colored eyes show that pigment precipitation is not good, and the risk of albinism should be taken in reproduction. Besides, the yellow eyes are not good-looking. They are obviously floating and unsound, just like the birds eating carrion. Blue eyes are the same thing. Of course, not all dogs are not allowed to have blue eyes. The snow sets off Husky’s bright blue eyes, which are quite harmonious. Bellington’s blue eyes can also show amber light. It’s amazing to see blue Doberman with blue eyes.

    Of course, not all black eyes are right. Welsh cork is quite different. Black eyes are serious defects. Have you ever seen Husky’s, Collie’s, ancient English Sheepdog’s eyes of different colors? Have you studied some Chihuahua’s red eyes carefully? Have you ever heard of the marble eyes of celestine with mottling? Maybe there are many strange eyes I don’t know, but in any case, the eyes are clear and bright, showing what kind of light. It’s very important.

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