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    Afghan Hound has a flowing hair, noble appearance and elegant posture, which is fresh in memory. In life, he is very fond of cleanliness, so when raising Afghanistan, he must remember to bathe and beautify his hair regularly.

    Afghan Hound character: Calm character, not easily angry. Introverted and reserved are the characteristics of Afghan hounds. When you ignore them, they will not take the initiative to deal with you. It is generally arrogant to strangers, but because of its meekness, it will not attack people easily. It’s not the same to the owner. It has a strong dependence on the owner. It also speaks with eyes and likes to look at the owner and listen to instructions. But it’s not the kind of hound that obeys the owner’s orders, but the relationship between the hound and the owner is very good. No other pet can match the Afghan hound. In addition, it may also know that it has a silken nap and charming appearance, so it likes to be clean at ordinary times. It never goes to the dirty places. When it walks, it will jump over nimbly. Usually the most favorite thing to do is to clean up the hair on your body, or find a comfortable place to lie on your stomach (at most, change the posture twice). Although they are very active outdoors, they are quiet indoors and won’t bother you all day.

    The character is lively and active, needs a lot of sports, so we should have a certain amount of outdoor activities every day. When walking, pay attention to that it may be over excited when it is far away from its owner. It’s faster than a horse if it runs. Not only that, its explosive power and jumping power are very good (it’s OK to jump 50 or 60 cm in place). For example, when obstacles are suddenly found in front of the hound, the hound can quickly respond to high-speed movement and turn nimbly to avoid. It likes water very much. When it sees water, it will jump in. If possible, give it more opportunities to get close to water.

    It has strong independence. Therefore, it is necessary to train Afghan hounds in depth and carefully when they are young. Because it’s a large dog, you should take good care of it when you are young to avoid being too impatient. When well trained adult dogs are generally suitable for children and adults. It is also resistant to heat and cold, and has a strong ability to adapt to the environment: it can have a strong endurance in any harsh environment. But sometimes there is a neurotic side. Despite the strong physique, in life, dogs, like human beings, will suffer from depression in case of accidents, which will lead to the dog’s increasingly thin body, insomnia and dreaminess.

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