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    American Cocker Spaniel is native to the United States. Due to its gentle temperament, rich feelings and cautious behavior, it is cheerful, energetic, friendly, alert and agile, lovely and sweet in appearance, easy to obey and loyal to its owner. Become one of the most popular pet dogs in the United States.

    This kind of dog is cheerful, steady, intelligent and rational. If you let him work, he will be very responsible. Sometimes Cocker is easy to get excited and excited. When he is happy, he will wag his tail fiercely all the time. Note that this behavior is also apparent when it’s in action or when it’s hunting.

    American Cocker Spaniel looks very unique. It has curly hair and long ears. Cocker spaniel is still a “child” who likes to compete for favor. They will act like the owner to compete for more favor. Cocker spaniel is lovely and lively, docile and obedient, smart and alert, with strong self-esteem and strong desire for performance. As a whole, it is very suitable for domestic dogs.

    Cocker Spaniel was originally a kind of bird hound living in the wild. In life, they also need enough exercise to maintain their health and strength. So, Cocker spaniel likes sports, and it also needs enough sports. If you keep it in the house for a long time, they are unhappy, even fidgety and depressed. For a long time, Cocker Spaniel can’t get the care of its owner or go out to relax. It may look sluggish, depressed and ill. So when you think about raising a cocker spaniel, you should be fully prepared, arrange reasonable time to accompany it, and let it grow healthily and happily.

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