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    Australian Terrier is a typical guard dog. It has the ability to kill all small bird and animal pests, including many snakes. It is also a kind of alert and flexible guard dog, which can guard the orphan’s garden to prevent foreign invaders.

    The dog still retains this characteristic until now – it is unlikely to give up the right to fight with other dogs or to get along with cats peacefully unless it has been raised with them since childhood. It’s a companion dog that can give people fun, but in any case, let it receive training. Although the breed is most popular in Australia and New Zealand, it also exists in his major English speaking countries.

    The strong Australian Terrier, whose ancestors came from England, was brought to Australia by colonists to breed a rat Terrier working for farms and ranchers. Suitable for city life; suitable for hot weather; does not need to comb the coat frequently; is an excellent guard dog. They are naturally fit for different jobs. Their expression is warm and intelligent; their character is brave and confident.

    If the child doesn’t play with it maliciously, it will get along well with the child. It is a very good family partner, but it is very alert to strangers.

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