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    Bellington terrier’s body shape, hair quality and size are often confused with the giant poodle. Bellington Terrier is a bold, brave, agile and aggressive breed. Its appearance is similar to that of a small sheep, but its character is not like that of a small sheep.

    Bellington Terriers are brave, stable and easy to train. It’s a gentle and gentle dog, well balanced, without any rough or weak place. The expression when quiet appears very gentle and soft, without the tendency of timidity or nervousness. When excited, the dog is alert, energetic and courageous. It’s also worth noting that when they run at high speed, their body contour will be clearly displayed.

    He has a lion like heart. It has been used to drive away small harmful animals, hunting otters, foxes, etc. Character and beautiful appearance are very different, fighting heart is strong, is a strong jaw varieties. The Bellington Terrier has a strong need for psychological stimulation, which may be fatal if it lacks enough exercise. It is generally suitable for children and urban life. It can adapt to hot weather and cold climate. It is an excellent guard dog and loyal family dog. As long as he doesn’t deliberately tease him, he can get along with children peacefully.

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