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    According to the research of dog behaviorists, Border Collie is the most intelligent dog in the world. It is born to shepherd. It doesn’t need more than 5 times to teach him a new knowledge. The most powerful thing is that the probability of obeying the first command is as high as 95%. A smart Border Collie can learn a lot from his master even if he doesn’t have professional training, but he will fight with you as much as he can.

    So that you can understand what it means. Its whole body is full of vitality, but usually they don’t exercise their muscles and bones by themselves. They just dig holes or bite things to get rid of boring time. Their favorite sports are: catching the ball or Frisbee, swimming, jogging, running with a bicycle and climbing mountains. The Border Collie is indomitable and docile. It is sharp, alert, sensitive, neither fierce nor shy. They are intelligent, easy to train, gentle, loyal and submissive.

    Collie sheepdog has a strong sheep instinct, is intelligent in nature, can observe words and colors, can really understand the instructions of the owner, has been regarded as a sheepdog for many years, and can drive the sheep to move through the eyes.

    Border sheepdog is energetic, alert and enthusiastic. Intelligence is the same as that of a 6-8-year-old. Intelligence is one of his characteristics. He is very friendly to friends, obviously reserved to strangers, and friendly to children. He is also an excellent sheepdog and he is happy to learn and satisfied with it.

    And thrive in human friendships. It is suitable for living outdoors and needs a lot of sports. Border Collie is not only the best pet dog and companion dog in life, but also a good house guard dog in the family. He can watch TV, talk and play with his host at home. You will feel very proud to have him in your life.

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