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    Border Terrier is one of the smallest terrier breeds. It has a typical Terrier temperament. Active and cheerful personality, full of feelings, like to play. Because of obeying orders, it is a terrier that is easy to train.

    The Border Terrier is strong, vigorous, patient and agile, with narrow shoulders, trunk and front and back segments of the body. Border Terrier is a kind of tireless, hard-working and courageous working dog. There are no impenetrable walls and obstacles.

    Because the Border Terrier is a kind of work terrier that can drill into the ground and follow the horses, it is required to have ideal shape to meet the work needs. It is not allowed to deviate from its ideal shape, otherwise it will weaken its ability to control mining and tracking. Therefore, it must be alert, lively, agile and able to squeeze through narrow holes and quickly through any zone. Its otter like head is its characteristic, typical Terrier character.

    Aggressive. In the wild, his will is as strong as a nail, playing the game of “they come” and driving. Boundary peduncle does not need to be particularly prominent and exaggerated in a certain characteristic.

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