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    The Boston Terrier is very similar to the French Bulldog. The main features of the dog are the coat color with white mark in decor or black tone, square head and flat head. The dog is a short haired dog with stable character. From its rich facial expression, it can be seen that it has high intelligence and good memory.

    Boston Terrier is well behaved, imaginative and considerate. This real Boston Terrier has been popular in North America for a long time. It can serve as a light, interesting, energetic and enduring companion dog. Although they are called stems, they have lost their aggressiveness and prefer to be with humans.

    Boston Terrier is a typical pet. It is an excellent pet dog and companion dog. It can also be used as a caretaker in the house. Because the dog is playful and lively, he likes to walk with others, especially with children. As a companion dog, it is very popular in the United States.

    Boston Terrier is a friendly and active dog. This breed has a good temperament and a very high IQ, which makes the Boston Terrier an unparalleled companion. The Boston Terrier is intelligent, warm-hearted, affectionate and playful. They can get along well with other pets, dogs and children. It’s a very good family companion dog.

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