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    Bournese Mountain Dog is a brave, quiet and friendly companion dog. Its early purpose is to serve as a livestock dog and transport dog. It is a better working dog. It is rarely seen to call him. It is not aggressive. This dog is usually about two years old and can only mature mentally. Its advantages are strong, obedient, confident, not afraid of difficulties and never wild.

    Generally speaking, the adult Bernese mountain dog is a very polite, polite and generous dog. Puppies sometimes seem very curious and lively, but they are not annoying. There are a lot of Bernese dogs that grow up to be very quiet and ignore strangers, but they are very excited about people they know and often climb on other people’s knees. It is also very gentle to children and other animals, so that they can become masters in the care of children and other animals. They are very sensitive to human nature, so they are also a perfect family dog. Mount Bourne is the most excellent working dog because he is loyal to his master and stands firmly in his place when facing strangers.

    The difference between Bernese and other breeds is that they have a strong desire to communicate with their owners. Although there are some similar breeds in other breeds, almost every breed of Bernese has a strong sense of this aspect. So Bernese mountain dog is regarded as a kind of dog with unique style and high intelligence. Never be trapped in a cage or back garden alone. Bourne mountain dog is a powerful breed. With black, white, yellow tricolor, long legs. He is firm and harmonious. He’s smart, strong and more flexible. The male dog is majestic and the female dog is gentle.

    Bournese mountain dog is an excellent and popular breed. It is one of the four mountain dogs produced in Switzerland. In the early days, Bourne region in Switzerland was a product developed gradually by pulling goods, making cheese and pulling cars in weaving shops. If you really want to raise a Bernese mountain dog, you are prepared to pay your patience and time to live with this extremely intelligent dog. You will find that he will add endless happiness to your life.

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