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    The most striking thing about dachshund is that it is simple and lovely when walking, loyal to its owner, alert to strangers, easy to train, a natural companion dog, alert and gentle, beautiful but not proud.

    Dachshunds are lively, cheerful, brave, cautious and confident. He is a happy dog who often makes funny moves. Persevering when working on the ground or underground, all the senses are very developed. In outdoor, dachshund is brave, energetic and tireless; in indoor, it is loving and sensitive, quiet and friendly. When playing, it needs to be hilarious and alert to strangers.

    When dachshund squints its eyes and spits out its tongue, it means it is in a good mood. They also shake their tails hard, twist their bodies left and right, and walk lightly to express their happiness. It is also a symbol of happiness when it makes a “hum” from its nose. When they are close to people, they will stand up their tails and swing horizontally, stretch their necks, and trot all the way briskly. The marrow of their eyes will shine and jump ceaselessly, and their whole body will show irresistible happiness. When it spits out its tongue “ha ha” to play coquetry to its master, it is also a happy time for it. Share the joy with it.

    Dachshunds are also very coquettish. They will be coquettish when they see your smile, when they need your company when they are lonely and bored, when they are tired when they walk outside, when they want your hug, when they are hungry or when they want toys. They will look at you pitifully with their delicate eyes, and they will lower their heads and rub your trouser legs with their big drooping ears, so that you can’t bear to refuse any of its demands.

    Dachshunds have an amazing aura to communicate with people, and they are full of Frank joy and sorrow. Their delicate features and rich body language are full of strange performance ability, which can make us feel their joy, anger and sorrow without complicated conversation.

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