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    When it comes to the Dalmatian dog, the first impression that comes to people’s mind is the clear black spots on his body. Therefore, many people call the Dalmatian a spotted dog.

    In life, they are very cheerful and lively, and energetic. Like to stick to the master, hope to get the master’s favor. The Dalmatian dog is calm and alert; strong, muscular and lively; not shy at all; intelligent in expression; well proportioned in outline; sharp and gentle and strong; stable and outgoing in temperament, like regular exercise and full of vitality.

    As a whole, Dalmatians are docile, loyal, active, sensitive and easy to train. At the same time, Dalmatians have a strong memory and enjoy outdoor activities. In life, playfulness seems to be a characteristic of spotted dogs. They like running, so it seems that they are always energetic and young and energetic.

    Dalmatian dogs are very smart and creative. They love sports, and they prefer regular sports. Although the dog is lively, it has a very calm and alert side. They are strong, muscular, intelligent and have no shyness. They are good at diplomacy, whether with people or other pets. They can deal with each other well. Spotted dog is a very endurance pet, good at running and sports. In the lively and unrestrained character, it hides stable, quiet and dignified temperament. Because the Dalmatian dog is a love activity,.

    In the process of breeding, the owner should take more free time to accompany the spotted dog. Play with it, take it to the wide lawn for sports. In each other’s exchange movement, enhance each other’s previous feelings.

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