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    Finnish Spitz is very friendly to people. It is usually quiet and never aggressive. It is not recommended to raise it in an apartment, because the dog likes to live in the wild and in a spacious environment. It’s a smart, energetic hound.

    Finnish Spitz are large, docile dogs, playful and lively, easy to get along with children. When Scandinavian summer comes, dogs like to sleep outside. Although the dense coat can not effectively resist the natural environment, the dog can survive. Because of their quiet character, they can be relatively good home dogs. When this kind of male dog meets with other male dogs, it is easy to get excited. Agile, independent, energetic, docile and calm, it needs strict training since childhood.

    Finnish Spitz are Lively and friendly, active and enthusiastic, loyal; brave but cautious. Shyness or any unprovoked tendency to attack is a defect.

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