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    German Shepherd Dog. The evaluation of a good German shepherd dog should give you the impression of strong character, stable look, self-confidence, natural behavior, not timid, and should have a strong, fierce, witty and aggressive character, strong body, muscular and full of vitality. German shepherd dogs are widely used in military and police dogs. Contribute to the public order and harmony of the society. But there are also a lot of dogs that are popular in every family to be raised as pet dogs.

    According to the theory of many zoologists, the character of German Shepherd refers to the sum of its vitality, ultimate endurance and individual nerve difference. Of course, character is a kind of instinct of German shepherd dog, which is influenced by genetic factors and acquired factors. For the innate personality of German shepherd dogs, it can not be completely changed by training and cultivation. However, parents can change the behavior of the German shepherd dog through the training day after tomorrow, improve its physical fitness, and create a more satisfactory personality.

    The character of German shepherd dog is more docile and kind. It is absolutely obedient and loyal to its owner. It has a very sharp sense and tracking ability. Through scientific and systematic training, German shepherd dogs are also widely used in military and police fields. For example, anti drug, guard, investigation, search and rescue, tracking and so on.

    German shepherd dog has the characteristics of boldness, directness, friendliness and self-confidence. If you know the German shepherd dog, you will find that it looks cold on the surface, which makes it not easy to be close to or establish friendship, but in fact, the German shepherd dog is very approachable, their character is not stubborn, and they are willing to accept arrangements, they are calm and confident, although they are alert but full of enthusiasm. Therefore, we don’t have to worry about the problems of German herdsmen getting along with their families. German shepherd dog in life and work encounter danger or see danger, he will be desperate to rescue. It’s also a professional instinct.

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