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    Giant Schnauzer is very similar to standard and mini version of Schnauzer in character. They not only have a cool appearance, but also have a very rigid personality. If they don’t strengthen training in their childhood, they will become aggressive.

    The Giant Schnauzer is family oriented, loyal, dedicated, and hostile to people who don’t know where they are coming from. It is known as the most pleasing dog to family. It has a high willingness to learn and a high acceptance of skill training. Outgoing and lively, with vivid expression and sportsman’s physique.

    The Giant Schnauzer has an independent personality and will become aggressive if not trained as a pup. Generally speaking, the self-worth of the Schnauzer is very heavy, which gives people a feeling that he knows how to deal with the situation, so it’s better to trust his intuition and let him deal with it by himself.

    The body is strong, energetic, agile and almost rectangular. Lively, calm, alert, intelligent, brave, loyal and docile. The rugged shape, curly wire like coat and trustworthy conduct make the Giant Schnauzer not only the most useful and hardworking working dog, but also one of the best companion dogs to keep.

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