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    Icelandic shepherd dog is a typical working dog. From his barking, you can feel his character. From his body shape and appearance, you can know that he is a very sports loving dog. Therefore, he is not suitable for raising in the city, and needs to take care of his coat regularly.

    A hardworking, agile sheepdog that barks to graze, herd, and search for lost cattle and sheep. He is very alert in nature and always gives his visitors a warm welcome without any hostility. Hunting instinct is not very strong. It’s a cheerful, friendly, curious, game loving, fearless partner.

    Strong vigilance, stubborn and kind, love to cry, can be used as guard dog, need strict training. It is not suitable for urban life, can adapt to cold climate, easy to train, suitable for breeding in remote rural areas, factories and other places. It is a very excellent guard dog.

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