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    Irish Terrier is lively and lively. It is a gentle family pet, guard dog and hound. Suitable for living in the city. He doesn’t like to get along with other dogs, but he is very friendly to human beings. His advantage is that he can adapt to the cold winter.

    1. Ireland has a good temper, energy and likes to play.

    2. The biggest characteristic of Irish Terrier is carelessness, and it likes to rush forward recklessly to attack the opponent, thus earning the honorable title of “bold ghost” for this breed.

    3. Although the Irish Terrier is rude and bold, it is never afraid of any danger and will protect their master, hostess and children with love and consideration. Its whole life is full of loyalty, loyalty and dedication. He can keep his family away from danger.

    Irish Terriers are gentle and competitive. A water-based Irish Terrier is trained to be as flexible in water as on land. In fact, the Irish Terriers has many athletic talents.

    Irish Terrier is rough, brave, tolerant, loyal, friendly and affectionate to human beings, and has always been the protector of the host family.

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