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    Irish wolfhounds are lively, gentle and calm. You seldom hear their barks, and most of them will not cause trouble. At first, the Irish Wolfhound was used to catch wolves, but now it is used as a companion animal. He is a very qualified companion dog, patient with children, neither suspicious nor aggressive.

    “Irish wolfhounds are interested in many things when they are young, but they don’t need special training, and they will have many talents when they grow up. It’s a very easy breed. Generally speaking, male dogs are more stable than female dogs
    Irish wolfhounds are intelligent and kind-hearted. They are very trustworthy. They have strong body structure and strong muscles. If they like to run everywhere, they need a very open space. The activity of this dog is the same as that of a small dog. As the breeders are eager to improve this breed into a larger wolfhound breed, the future breed is likely to be 81-86cm.

    It’s smart, kind, trustworthy, and reassuring to be with children. The muscular, burly Irish wolfhound, who likes to run around, needs a lot of space. The breeders with the same amount of activity as small dogs hope that this dog can be improved into a larger type of wolfhound. So when you think about a large dog that doesn’t attack people, the Irish Wolfhound is the first choice.

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