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    Maltese dog has the most gentle attitude among all puppies. Its good character is loved by many people. It is affectionate and lively. Its attitude is gentle and affectionate. It is especially friendly to children and can play with them at ease. If it’s just a dog with no special purpose, Maltese dog is a good choice.

    Some people say that the Maltese dog loves barking and likes barking all the time in normal life, but sometimes it barks normally. For example, when a dog comes home on the first day and just touches this strange environment and stranger, it will inevitably feel fear and uneasiness. Because of the influence of this mood, the dog will bark. They may alleviate their fear and fear by calling. At this time, the owner can gently touch the dog’s body to help it relieve the tension. When it barks for no reason, it can be controlled with a loud voice and show its master’s majesty. After a long time of reminders, it can get rid of the problem of barking.

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