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    Newfoundland dog is very outgoing and gentle, tall, very good for children, it is a loyal bodyguard who makes people shudder. And it is born to love water sports, and good at swimming. Good temper training will not be easy to make mood, love the owner of it, as long as their own good care, then it is very easy to raise a pet.

    People who don’t know it usually think that this kind of dog is ferocious, but to judge whether a kind of dog is ferocious, we should not only look at the surface, but observe its expression. After observation, it can be found that the expression of Newfoundland dogs is usually soft. They have thick fluffy facial hair, which makes them look honest and loyal. For people who know it, its temperament is very gentle.

    Under the long-term relationship with people, it is also very loyal and gentle to its master. For children, it shows a very friendly, often see the Newfoundland dog and children’s photo will feel very warm picture. For such a dog, it should not let people feel that it is fierce.

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