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    The most special thing about Papillon Dog is that they are very attractive with big ears and small and exquisite posture, so they are loved by many beautiful ladies. The dog is agile and adaptable.

    Papillon Dog is intelligent, lively, bold and charming, easy to train all kinds of movements. It is a kind of valuable and elegant companion dog and playdog. He is intelligent and lively, quick and cheerful, obedient to his master, and never barks or barks at random.

    The Papillon Dog has a very exclusive attitude towards the owner. They hope to get all the love from the owner. They are also very warm, gentle, friendly and kind to the owner. However, there is no such good attitude towards the stranger Papillon Dog. Especially for the third party who takes the love from the owner, they will feel jealous.

    The Papillon Dog has a high IQ, quick response and great courage. They can be alert and alert. When a larger dog is close to a Papillon Dog, they can also be calm. In the face of a more fierce large dog, the Papillon Dog will not be afraid to change. They can face the approach of large dogs quietly and peacefully, and they will not attack large dogs maliciously first.

    The Papillon Dog looks weak, but it’s actually strong. The Papillon Dog has not only a strong and brave side, but also a delicate and gentle side. Of course, when raising the Papillon Dog, the breeder also needs to train the Papillon Dog more. Scientific training and adjustment can make the Papillon Dog more obedient and avoid the attack or barking of the Papillon Dog. During the training, effective and scientific training methods should be adopted according to the specific character and habits of the Papillon Dog. Let the trained Papillon Dog get along with the master more harmoniously.

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