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    Scottish shepherd dog is very intelligent, good character, approachable, intelligent and sensitive, good response to gentle obedience training, friendly, willing to please the owner. Cheerful and lively personality, strong feeling. Without proper socialization experience, you may be shy or nervous, get along well with other pets, but you may catch up with smaller animals. It is the most suitable guard dog for alertness. It is one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world at present. It is full of vitality outside, full of feelings for its owner, strong vigilance for strangers, and good protection skills.

    Scottish Shepherd is very spiritual. Scottish Shepherd’s mood will change with his master’s happiness, anger and sorrow. His obedience and loyalty to his master is the biggest expression of his character.

    However, Scottish Shepherd will show his master some caution when he has something to do. At this time, he should calm him well, otherwise he will be angry. For Scottish Shepherd’s sense of responsibility, needless to say, the care for the master’s children is no worse than that of the nanny, and the vigilance for crisis is also extremely sensitive.

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