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    The Shiba Inu is small in size, but it has great courage, good temper, forthright and no affectation. He is loyal to his owner, but he is more conservative to strangers. The Shiba Inu loves to be clean, so he should brush his hair frequently. The Shiba Inu is usually used to stand at a high place and look down. It is smart, independent, strong, light and agile. It is the most common breed in Japan, accounting for about 80% of the dogs. He has a strong sense of vigilance, keenness and a strong sense of region. The Shiba Inu is easy to train, and its gait is elegant. With a little training, the Shiba Inu ‘s gait can easily get the first place in the dog show.

    At present, it is the most fashionable companion dog for women in Japan, and gradually welcomed and favored by other countries such as Asia.

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