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    The appearance characteristics of Great Dane make people feel very powerful and majestic at first, especially when children are scared. In fact, Great Dane is very friendly, not aggressive and brave. Especially loyal to the host.

    Great Dane is a kind of dog with rich feelings, considerate and strong loyalty. It’s large in size, so it’s necessary to train it in the early stage in order to breed it into a strong and obedient guard dog. Large Danes like comfortable life. They want their owners to set their kennels indoors, because they think they are a member of the family and should live in the same environment as their owners.

    The Great Dane is a large pet dog, known as the easygoing giant in the pet dog world. Character is very brave, decisive, gentle and easy-going, trustworthy. Great Dane has a good habit of living. It can live well with its master. So the owner doesn’t have to worry about the big Dane affecting the children. People can’t look good, so can dogs.

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